by Faux Furrs

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released October 12, 2018

Recorded at Jamdek by Ryan Deffet
Assistant engineer Chris Day

Mixed and Mastered by Ryan Deffet

Ryan Shuck - Drums, Tambourine, Shaker
Ryan Nolen - Guitar, vibing
Lena Rush - Bass, love
Ryan Deffet - Vocals, Guitar, Synth, Organ, tambourine


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Faux Furrs Chicago, Illinois

Faux Furrs is an evolving organism constantly exploring new dimensions of their sound.
Plucking petals from the quadrants of garage rock, neo-psychedelia, dream pop, and folk, the band molds a uniquely fresh soundscape that is lofty, but never losing its footing.

Five minds churning together; Ryan Deffet, Ryan Shuck, Lena Rush, Ryan Nolen, and Chris Day, are Faux Furrs.
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Track Name: Loy Garden
Fresh moss on the rivulet rocks
Old holes in the heels of my socks
And no one there to talk
Bones shake in the frigid breeze
Leaves fall from the dogwood trees
And hear no cries from me
I've exhausted sympathy

Here in the garden there's no need
to fear anything
you can just look down and repeat
until you're free
All those frightened crying voices
well, let them pass you by
and disappear in time

Sitting back on that old seat
With new ashes under my feet
And no temporal needs
In the silent symphony
Track Name: Wrong About It
We were wrong about it
It was al enshrouded
We talked around it
For so long
All our doubting
Fell thin and crowded
While all the routing
Was so wrong

A tale unfounded
Words sewn around it
They kept compounding
On and on
Lost without it
All voices shouted
We talked around it
For too long
Track Name: Wasting
In a temple sitting in hunger
All the fruit is beginning to fade
And departure echoes the mountain
In a milieu of shuffling shapes
Oh, phantom, go to the sunlight
To a shelter a forgotten warmth
Where ambition was not a burden
Where discomfort was never scorned

In the city obsidian engine
Dirt will linger as long as you stay
Disassembled, awaiting an answer
while the light falls off of the page
Won't you take me back to the seawall
With the clouds a familiar shade
And a golden colored eraser
Wiping all our sorrows away
Track Name: Volumes
I long to breathe again
But I'm falling
There's never any release
But the light is calling
The sky around is dark
As my eyes glow
Among the vicious swarm
But all alone

Past the sanctuary channels
Ample volumes lie in wait
Pull the cord and clear the pannels
Watch your angles animate

Falling through my cold
Silver window
To see what's already known
By the pharoahs
Another feeding binge
And my electric lust
Is indulged
Track Name: Bag Baby
Another sundown gazing through the vines
Violet and amber bleeding across the sky
Empty my bag to fill it up again
Lay down the armor, trade in the suit for skin

Out on the line, tethered to time

There was a clearing in the canopy
Floating between a dream and reality
My vapor form extending through the still
With the touch of ancient pillars and chlorophyll

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